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We understand that when our patients decide to have a baby, it is more than a new addition to their family – it is the beginning of a new way of life. At our ParentCraft Centre, we empower and equip new parents with practical take-home skills as they embark on this new phase of life. Our antenatal and postnatal services provide parents with unique insights and hands-on tips on how to take care of their babies and understand family needs during this very special time.

 These services include:


•   Childbirth education classes.
•   Personalised pre-natal counseling.
•   Personalised consultation on breastfeeding, bottle 
    feeding and weaning, bathing and caring for baby’s
    skin, crying and fretful baby.
•   Sleep management for babies.
•   Baby massage.
•   Music movement for parent & child.
•   Post natal ‘Back to Shape’ yoga with child.
•   Homecare services.
•   Infant care training.
•   First-aid training.
•   Confinement nanny service.
•   24-hour postnatal hotline.


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