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At HANH PHUC International Hospital, we have a range of health screening programmes that are tailored according to individuals medical profiles.

These programmes are designed to examine and assess the overall state of both men and womens health by:

  • Identifying, reducing and removing health risks. 
  • Promoting wellness & a healthy lifestyle.
  • Early detection & prevention of diseases.
  • Facilitating prompt specialists invention if necessary.

Results of the screening will be represented in detail as well as explained clearly. This can help customers learn about their health state.

HANH PHUC International Hospital provide professional healthcare screening programmes not only to individuals but also corporate clients from varied industries. To corporate clients, we offer:

  • Competitive Corporate Rates. 
  • Customize packages according to each companys need and budget.
  • Flexible payment modes.
  • Availability of on-site blood, urine and stool collection service by trained medical personnel.

The "Health Screening Package" provide 5 different types, ranging from the most essential to the most comprehensive, tailored to meet individual or corporate needs.

Our Health Screening services include:

  Health Screening Package.
  • Gynaecology Cancer Screening Package.

Please contact Hotline: 0938 19 98 96 for more information



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