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How to protect your child’s health during Tet

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Around Tet holidays, children are more susceptible to get sick thanks to changes of their daily routines and diets. Following are the advices from Dr. Nguyen Thi Hanh Le – Head of Paediatrics Department at Hanh Phuc International Hospital about healthy New Year’s Resolution for your child.
Washing hands in 20 seconds with soap. Make sure that your child has the habit of washing hands every time he/she uses the bathroom and before and after eating. You might gently remind your child by asking: “You will have the candies, but do you remember what to do before eating them?”Don’t forget to praise when your childcan rememberhim/herself. It should always take at least 20 seconds to wash his/her hands thoroughly with soap. As children might not know how long is 20 seconds. You can guide them by singing out a short song (such as ABC – the alphabet song) or counting from 1 to 20. 


Always use tissues 
Before going out, always remember to bring tissues and tell your child to use them whenever he/she needs. Explain to your child that there are many super small viruses in runny nose and he/she should use tissues to wipe instead of hands or sleeves. Be sure to bin the tissues immediately. Don’t let them lie around as they are potent germ carriers. 
Keep children from sharing cups, spoons, forks, bottles and straws
Avoid your child to pass the same food, cup or any utensil back and forth. The risk of germ and virus spreading can be easily underestimated. On the holiday, it will be more difficult to look after your child, let teach him/her right now about how to prevent infections.
Feed your child adequate nutrition
Holiday foods can sometimes be unhealthy, make sure your child are getting enough protein, fruit, vegetable and avoid letting him/her eat too much sweet.You might also give your child multivitamins if recommended byyourpediatrician.
Stick to a reasonable activity schedule
The holidays can get hectic and might include late nights. Try to get your child into bed at the normal time. Don’t let him/her play too much and be “party lag”.

Do regular health check-up
For certain age, children are vulnerable to different disorders and diseases. According to Dr. Le, to ensure that your child is healthy, it is necessary to take him/her to regular health check-up. Let’s start as soon as possible to proactively control any of your child’s health problems before they become serious.

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